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Tor Voner, Impressionist Painter

Tor Voner is from the Boston area and started painting and creating at an early age. In her work, she expresses her love of the mountains in Vermont and the oceans of the east coast. Traveling to most of the National Parks in the United States was a family endeavor that blossomed an attraction and love of nature. Even in those early days, Tory had an understanding of the need for respect and preservation of all of the beautiful sights and landscapes this country had to offer. 

Over the past 7 years, Tory has tunneled her focus into her love of painting by seeking where her passions lie… Escaping the chaos of the world around her, she has come full circle by returning back to nature, and introspectively reflecting on herself and her emotions. Using the values of Impressionism's perspective, colors, and textures are all of the tools she utilizes, challenging herself emotionally in a different way with each and every painting. Acrylic is her medium of choice, and the larger the canvases she selects, the more expression of space she has to utilize and share.

She went to school at Umass Dartmouth for Illustration, which included a strong foundations program, along with many special courses in painting. She then worked for an event decor company as a designer, while learning, instructing herself, and advancing herself on the job. She now works at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, as a specialist designer. Tory also has obtained a graphic design certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She currently is a member of the Whistler Museum of Art and the Arts League of Lowell. 

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