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Nature's Aura Art Reception, Post-Glow

So I finally did it folks! I put together a cohesive, vibrant show, that put smiles on so many people's faces that I knew, and this makes me warm inside. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out on their weekend, and to those who sent me warm wishes, are also very appreciated. Doing something like this is a huge first step for me, and hopefully I can keep this ball rolling. Anyone who knows any good contacts I should get in touch with at galleries, corporations or non-profits who maybe could use some artwork, or even a present for your Great Aunt Mildred, hook me up! I feel like I kicked off these dominoes, and there is no stopping me now. Many have already asked me "When is your next showing?" Errr......January maybe? It's tough doing this while working full-time, but baby steps is just fine with me. My mental health has definitely taken a major front seat, as I bet it has with many of you! The constant changing of the outside world has made me feel as if I am going to fall into a giant crack in the street, end of the world, Ghostbuster-style. Like at least weekly, which is just so mentally exhausting, am I right? Who wants to come and see some beautiful, happy, and uplifting artwork of gorgeous places, where you would rather be? Anyone?

This is a quick video before all of the people started coming in, my sister the ham-ball, narrating the clip. Many of these pieces she only just saw in the flesh at this moment as well, never realizing how much more she likes it in person. Seeing it in person with her own eyes, not digitally. She told me flat out that my photos do not capture close to what it is really like. Nothing is the same digitally, to be honest. And re-prints really are not either, they cannot capture the layers of paint, sweat, and tears that go into an actual painting. Many of my paintings are almost 3D, I have layered, or globbed on paint with a palette knife. Some pieces I use a glossy sealant, some I use matte. This also changes what the color looks like to the eye. A new fan commented on one of my instagram posts the day after, saying this,

"Was at your opening yesterday, one really has to view your beautiful artwork in person! The photo is okay but does not give it full justice imho. I really like this piece with the rainbow 🌈 going through it. The entire composition of this piece is fine work."
"The Light at the End of the Rainbow in Lee, MA", acrylic on canvas, 18" x 36", $750

I was definitely happy I put my first show off a year, just so that I could have the experience of an art reception. Talking about my artwork and how different pieces speak to different people I find so interesting and surprising most of the time. People putting me on the spot asking me what my favorite pieces are, which is insanely hard for me, basically deciding between children. I did have a few favorites however, just seeing them shine in this space. Let me know your favorites in the comments! And don't forget, you still have time to see it up in the next few weeks at the Art ALL Gallery in Lowell.

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