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Will You Join the Art Buying World?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

So it seems like many of us out there, really need inspiration around right now. In a world where everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, having something to propel you forward with even the slightest bit of inspiration, of hope, is a worthy purchase all in itself. Let's try not to think about the fact that MOST artists do not get famous until they pass away, so making extra money off of your purchase in the millions is highly unlikely. But who knows? Maybe that painter you find inspiring, but needs another job to survive in this part of the world, will find their place and eventually be recognized. Then that measly $300 you spent on a small painting will be worth millions. The global art market now generates about $65 billion in revenue, which is the highest it's even been.

But I digress....thinking like that even for a second gives that artist hope to move forward, and isn't it worth it just to make that human shine? We need to all be giving each other a boost right now, when we really are at our lowest point as a society. I'd like to see that turn around, and I hope we are on the right path, but all we can do is our best, every day. Helping inspire all of my friends with the worlds I create, using a paint brush and a cacophony of colors, is something I know I was meant to do. Channeling my emotions that I carry every day, including the emotions of others most days, is also something I know I need to do to survive. It's my world, my inspiration, and my hope for a rewarding future. I think many I know are finally seeing that, because I have already sold all of these pieces below, just in the first month and a half of 2021! Last year in its entirety I only sold 3 pieces, which I wasn't surprised about, but I also completely immersed myself in painting to survive. Coming out of that, I feel like a completely different person, also going through a spiritual journey with all this free time on my hands! Coming out of this isolation, my art I feel has excelled immensely, learning about myself clearly is coming through in my art.


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