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Being Inspired By Chrysocolla

Many times when I start a new painting, I am itching for a change of subject and/or approach. This was one of those times. I had a call to action to help out those in need, near my city of Lowell, Massachusetts. The proceeds of all raised by city gallery Art League of Lowell, will go to the Lowell Transitional Center, where supplies are needed in the kitchens to feed the homeless. And there are SO many homeless right now, and it is expected to get much, much worse. Every time I drive through downtown to get to work, and I am so disheartened by the numbers of homeless in need.

I am still on my journey to figure out how I can best help humanity, utilizing my talents, and taking into consideration being around a huge number of people is completely draining to me. To the point where it would make me physically ill if I had to do it daily. Also would love to be away from technology. Maybe I really am meant to just paint in a yurt in the woods. One day at a time, now that Biden is President, I feel like I can finally breath normally again. I think I literally have been holding my breath since Trump was read in, no wonder I have so much dizziness.

Anyways, needless to say this past year I have been doing A LOT of meditating. This has been my shelter from the emotional insanity that has been occurring in our society to an exponential amount, and honestly I needed the time to figure out who I truly am, shedding everyones emotional weight on myself is extremely difficult, but I am slowly getting it. I need way more time than most to be alone, and I am finally learning to be ok with that. The use of crystals has also become a slight obsession this past year, if anything because I was having a hard time blocking out the negativity of the world, and knew they would help me. I've been drawn to stones since I was a child, I think I have always loved holding the Earth in my hand.

Long back story for this painting, I know! This piece is actually pretty special to me, and I am happy to announce it is being made larger for a customer who loves it so much. I am pretty excited to paint it again. The form of the woman's figure happened very organically, it wasn't even planned. I just went into it knowing I wanted an abstract of what I see in the Chrysocolla crystal that I owned, and this transformed in front of me, almost as if to say "hello" to myself.

Chrysocolla is perfect for drawing out negativity and helping relieve tension to meditate. I find it helps balance my hormones, since I have a disorder. It helps facilitate my creativity when I am feeling stuck, I put it right on my easel, or in my bathrobe pocket. It helps me see my inner self way more clearly, who doesn't need that right now? Not to mention, how exceptionally beautiful it is.

This painting is available to purchase at Arts League of Lowell Gallery at the "Shelter" show from February 3rd-28th, and will be $150 which will all go towards the Lowell Transitional Living Center. I call it "Meditation with Chrysocolla," and it is 10" x 10", all of the pieces in the show will be that size, so much more affordable art to spruce up your grey walls!


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